Sweetooth is a two artist team of graffiti artists and street artists from Johannesburg, South Africa.

We create custom murals perfect for corporate, entertainment and retail environments, both indoors and outdoors.

We want your walls!

We are a two artist team in the pursuit of perfection. 

We also do live graffiti painting for events giving your guests the experience of watching custom artwork come to life.

Our live art demos are suitable for all environments and are great for brand activation's or marketing campaigns.

Prefer a fresh photo backdrop or pre-painted decor for your event or venue - we can do that too.


• digital illustration, 

• graphic facilitation,

• custom portrait or canvas requests,

• painting for stop animations.

The Stop animation below was for Vodacom:

For well over the past 10 years our art has taken us on a journey

and we have been honoured to meet so many awesome people along the way! 

The challenges you have provided have shaped us as artists, and we continue to learn as we contribute to all the incredible projects that sometimes take us to the most unexpected places.

Thank you for your support!

Meet the Sweetooth Team.


Page33 is a Street Artist and Fine Artist from Pretoria, South Africa. 

She studied Fine Art, Music, Fashion and Dance, both in high school and secondary school and has been creating art since her childhood. 

From 2006 she began working on fashion productions. In 2007 Page started touring and performing with musicians across South Africa. 

From 2011 she worked at Everard Read Gallery in Johannesburg.

In 2014 Page started creating her art full time, and allowing people to commission her to create custom artworks.

She combines a realistic and traditional style with interesting line work to create unique murals, and brings years of knowledge and experience in fine arts to the table. She paints anything from animals, landscapes, abstract artworks to fonts, and has a big demand for her custom/ personalised canvases and portraits.

Page33's style is an amalgamation of her knowledge of all these different mediums, forms of expression and insights from different sides of the table from within the art industry. From years of practice and perfecting, she creates work that is truly unique and adds an original and grounded perspective to each and every project.


Zesta is a well known graffiti artist from Johannesburg, South Africa. 

His interest in graffiti started in 2001 and he began doing commissioned work around 2003. He experimented with his styles and application in the city, creating artworks in Johannesburg and around South Africa. Over that time he also worked on countless commissioned projects, solving the challenges that his clients presented to him, while perfecting his approach to applying the skill sets he was developing on the streets and in his sketch books.

From 2009 he began developing a unique illustration and character style, through hours of visually mapping business meetings, strategy sessions and conferences. His approach brought a fresh perspective to the Graphic Facilitation industry, in terms what was possible with the mediums traditionally used for the this work and through the ability to create rich, meaningful artworks on the spot.

He creates a wide variety of styles from realism and graphic illustration to abstract murals and graffiti lettering, and captures incredible detail in his work. 

The combination of skills/ techniques coupled with having worked so closely with corporate clients on such a diverse variety of problems and projects, gives Zesta a very unique understanding of how to apply his skills to each project individually. This continues to drive the demand for his work.

Some of our awesome clients:

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